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As part of my job, I sometimes have to dig, and we always ask for prints. 90% of them don't show anything on the customers premises, so they're useless. Your DNO will either know if you're on a looped supply, or send someone to check, and perhaps upgrade the main fuse if necessary, probably for free - it costs nothing to ask. This website will tell you who the DNO is (not the same as the company you pay for your electricity) and their contacts: https://www.energynetworks.org/customers/find-my-network-operator
Very true, i assume you will be using a cat and genny to locate any live cables/metal pipework?
The print out i received back, from Western Power via line search before you dig, shows the electrical cables within approx 100 yards, it clearly shows the mains coming to my house first then off to my neighbours.
It's free to ask for the documents.
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