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Some fascinating research talking about the emotional connection people have with cars...

San Diego — Strategic Vision is pleased to release the most powerful and natural concept in understanding human decisions. While Ella Fitzgerald suggests what is most appropriate for this Valentine’s Day, is that “Birds do it; bees do it; … let’s do it, let’s fall in love,” the title “Most Loved Vehicles in America” reflects how hard people can fall in Love with what they drive. Maybe their vehicles should get chocolates and a card. The “Most Loved Vehicle in America” is the Tesla Model S.

“We completed over a decade of research and consulting in determining how to capture the ways that people talk about their loves. We discovered that the natural language was in a ‘Love-Hate’ context with nuances in-between.” Vehicle buyers speak their minds, saying whether they Hate or Love their vehicles, or particular aspects of the vehicle and the experiences they deliver. According to Dr. Edwards, “The report of Most Loved Vehicles in America captures a vehicle’s total emotional response from buyer-drivers. The industry is mature enough to actually accept ‘True Love’ as a core comprehensive, interactive and discriminating emotional response.”

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