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Heading S yesterday on the M1 I found the following charge points to be offline:
- Northampton N and S
- Newport Pagnell N and S
- Toddington N and S
- IKEA M/Keynes
- Chargemaster Luton
- Nissan Maple Cross
I saw the 'turtle' for only the 2nd time in 20,000 miles - ended up on a 13 amp socket - to get to M/Keynes Coachway. Then had to divert to Heston (well off route) to make it home efficiently.
Pretty annoying as I only went to those marked as S - but they weren't!
I had more problems in the last 60 miles than I had in the previous 2 weeks - covering just under 2000 miles!
Ecotricity - I'll be in touch!

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It's bad at the moment for sure. IKEA has started to get "trippy" lately and up and down, and Toddington may as well not exist from my experience. Makes heading south from MK more of a challenge, especially Toddington as there's not much else between here and London, and not much on the M25 heading west / anti-clockwise either.
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