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Still waiting for delivery of my first EV, I wanted to be prepared for the sundries I'd need for day-to-day maintenance of the car.
This may be a silly question but I wondered how they might differ from an ICE that needs engine oil, water/coolant, screen wash, additives, steering/clutch/brake fluid etc?
What does an EV require?
Electric! It’s all in the name ;) The beauty of an EV is that you don’t need much maintenance paraphernalia. Will your’s be new, or previously owned?

Apart from screen wash, just keep an eye on the brake fluid level and buy top up if required. The fluid needs to be replaced every so many years. Doubt you’ll need to top up in between. Will you service II yourself? If so, a new cabin air filter is probably the only consumable you’ll need. The rest is just checks.
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