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The main use i could see from this is for people who cannot charge at home but could charge at someone else's nearby home, someone who has perhaps a double drive and only one car? Or single drive but park their car on the road at arranged times.
eg like "park on my drive" with a charger included, and really just for the charger, for example maybe you'd park at someone's house once a week, charge up overnight, walking home to your nearby home which doesn't have charging capability
Back of a *** packet, say I'm on overnight tariff at 8p (EDF), i sell at 15p, thats 7p x (say) 50, hmm only £3.50 profit per night charge. Is it worth the hassle, you'd likely need to have multiple people doing this and organise it all.?
There's also something in the back of my mind saying its problematic reselling electricity. maybe that could be dressed up as I sell you a parking spot for (say) £15 with free charging for the duration?

Re emergencies seems unlikely that most peoples houses are in a position to be used because either they arent on a through route or theres public chargers nearby anyway. IIRC there is (was?) a network for emergency use back in the early days of EVs but seems of limited use these days for cars with much larger batteries than a Gen 1 leaf or iMiev.
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