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Well, have to say I can believe this approach, sounds a bit like annealing the cathode to restore the normal properties. But there's at least 3 hurdles still to get over.
1) Does this last enough charge-discharge cycles? They're up against Tesla's "million mile" target, not last year's.
2) What's the energy consumption of this extra heating going to be? Not much use if it double the refill costs.
3) Is there any extra BMS control needed? I suspect there must be, or a the very least extra chippery in each cell, this is all extra cost.

We're still very much in the "Wild West" stage of battery development, new stuff appearing daily, 90% of which will fade into history. Quite a time to go, I think, before any "final" optimal design gets generally accepted. E.g. I'd hazard a guess that present day Alkaline batteries (AA etc) are pretty-much "finalised", and have superceded the older "Zinc-Carbon" type which were standard issue around 60 years ago. We're not even at the "Zinc-Carbon" stage, I think...
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