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We’re continuing our Meet rEVolutionaries series with our next guest from the world of EVs, Tesla, SpaceX, and other parts of the Elon-gated Community. This is of Interest for our friends on the other side of the Pond as Kim Paquette does her FSD Beta testing in Newport, Rhode Island, which is a pretty old American city that best emulates European city conditions vs the testing done in my home state of California. However, the time IS in a very unfriendly time for folks in Europe.

Our next Meet rEVolutionaries Meetup Series #6 will be on Thursday, December 10 at 5:30 pm Pacific / 8:30 pm Eastern (Friday, December 11 0130 GMT/0230 CET). Our guest will be joining us from Rhode Island, and is Kim Paquette, a Tesla Owner since 2015 and one of few women who have been selected to be early FSD Beta testers.

Those of you that follow Kim on the Tesla Community on Twitter (@kimpaquette - https://twitter.com/kimpaquette) will note her series of “fun” cocktails for Happy Hour at home that she’s been sharing on the platform since the pandemic began. While everyone else was learning to bake bread, she was learning new cocktails and became quite accomplished as an amateur mixologist. Kim has been a flight attendant for 31 years with Delta and in that time she has traveled all around the world and is currently furloughed.

To this end, we figured that we would start the meetup with a live demonstration of her making a cocktail to show off. She has provided the following list of ingredients for those that want to join her in making the same cocktail: Gin. Personal preference on type - be it London dry or more botanical.; Lemon Juice; Maraschino Liqueur; Creme de Violette; Luxardo cherry; and ice. Have a coupe glass or martini glass if you want to serve properly. [She notes that if people don’t want to buy creme de violette, it will still work, but won’t be quite the same. I will send a a link to the recipe and reveal the cocktail during the start of the call (21 years and over please).]

Some examples from Twitter:

On the Tesla side of the equation, Kim currently drives a silver Stealth Performance Model 3 with White interior that is currently at 43K miles. She has been a Tesla owner with a 2015 Model S 70D with AP1. She has traveled on 4 big solo road trips in her Model 3, the last one during the pandemic over the summer and was 5 weeks/11K miles with stops all over the West. She initially planned to be at the Annual Meeting on that trip, however she ended up flying back for the Annual Meeting/Battery Day in Fremont.

As a professional traveler, she has met Tesla owners all over the country, as well as international members of the Tesla community on layovers in Brussels and Zurich.

As with the case with many on the current FSD Beta program, she is under an NDA that allows “some disclosure” about FSD Beta and her experiences, thus we will be able to have a conversation with her on that. She lives in Newport… Rhode Island, not Newport Beach, CA. Her experiences with FSD Beta in her city is providing some good examples of the old narrow streets and odd intersections for the Tesla team.

Some Tweets from Kim on FSD Beta:

So, if you want to join us, meet Kim, enjoy some amateur mixology, talk FSD Beta, Tesla and the like, sign-up now.

This December virtual Meet rEVolutionaries Meetup #6 is on Thursday night, December 10 at 5:30 pm Pacific/8:30 pm Eastern.

As with other meetups in this Meet rEVolutionaries series, we will be using callbridge.com.

On iOS - ‎Callbridge Meetings

On Android - Callbridge - Apps on Google Play

Chrome browser is best on a computer, but you can also download apps for other systems here - Tesla Owners Club of Orange County

Please remember to provide your email on your RSVP via PM here OR and/or send an email (with your SpeakEV Account name so I know where you found this announcement) to the CLUB email found on OUR website at http://octeslaclub.com/ and I will send you a calendar invite to the meetup for the link!

As with other Meet rEVolutionaries EVents, I will try to stream this on YouTube as well.

Here is a link to the series: Meet rEVolutionaries!

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I know it was a tough time to make for friends in UK and EU...

So, I tried to record, and whoa... it worked:

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