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The fact it is a conversation of an ICE shows in the boot size of just 340 litres, presumably batteries are under it rather than a skateboard design? That is similar to Zoe so hardly justifies the "SUV" label.

For fans of German cars the VW ID4 is probably more practical as has a far bigger boot - 540 litres.

But choice is good and some people seem to only buy Mercedes. Can't fathom why after our experience of breaking down in the B250e a while ago...
My OH is a MB fangirl.
She had an EQC for a weekend test drive.
Like the EQA it's a modified vehicle from their present range, the GLC, I think.
We both thought it was quite good, certainly for motorway cruising and A-roads.
Unfortunately, a bit of spirited driving on local B-roads showed it to be the biggest pile of **** imagineable. Centre of gravity far too high, handles like a carthorse.
I'll assume that the EQA will be the same compromised nonsense.
I'd imagine MB will be the first of the German legacy car-makers to go bankrupt. The future is now, not in a couple of decades.

1,174 Posts
I'm trying to get a EQC test drive at the moment but would be happy just being allowed to sit in one at the moment - my local Mercedes (Glos/Chelt) garage is telling me they are not allowed to arrange test drives / opening the car until lockdown ends which I totally understand

I really want to do just test two things with the car before considering cancelling my Audi and having an EQC...

i) Wife and I want to just just sit in an AMG Line version to ensure I fit in the seat (I'm a big - 22 stone - tall - 6 foot 3.5 person) and can see out the window properly - I tried a C-Class saloon last year and my line of vision was blocked by the roofline coming down too low before the windscreen started.


ii) I want to try our dog cage in the boot of the car to see how much room it leaves us LOL - especially as there is no 'froot / frunk' to store the charging cable as well.
You're small then?
Prior to all this lockdown malarkey I was a petite 23.5st and roughly the same height.
A lot of me seems to have disappeared over the last year.
You'll be fine in the EQC. I had no issues at all with the seating position and neither did my OH, she's 6'1", so we're both on the larger size.
We have a dog too, who road tested the boot space. Dougal is a scruffy lurcher, not the biggest of dogs around and we don't use a cage for him, but it was palatial in the back in comparison to the OH's MB GLA that she currently drives.
I really liked it as a motorway cruiser, but the OH has a tendency to thrash around the country lanes, out here in the sticks in Derbyshire. All that weight beneath the boot floor from the batteries left the handling with something to be desired.
If only the OH pampered me as much as she does her dog I'd be a very contented man 馃槅
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