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Followed by a BEV? http://cleantechnica.com/2014/03/18/electric-s-class-will-come-phev/

Mercedes has announced pricing for an S-Class that can return up to 100.9 mpg, emits 65 g/km of CO2 and can accelerate from rest to 62 mph in 5.2-seconds before reaching a limited 155 mph.

Despite this, it is exempt from road tax and receives a 100 per cent discount on the London Congestion Charge. The S 500 plug-in hybrid (PHEV) lays claim to being one of the most advanced saloon cars in the world.

In the UK the car will be offered in long wheelbase form and will cost from £87,965 on-the-road and is subject to a BIK rate of just five per cent.

Anyone buying one?

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