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MG EHS hybride

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i don't know if i ended up in the right place here, if not, sorry lol i currently own a bmw 225 hybrid and am considering buying a MG hybrid MG EHS (i think) if I understand correctly this car is not available yet? or are there countries where it can be obtained or tested? I would have liked to know what the consumption is with an empty battery, for the BMW that is quite high
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MG HS PHEV is available in the UK but not read much from owners yet: ZS EV and now MG5 seem more popular.

It seems to manage 30-35miles on electric. Under ICE power I suspect it will be worse than the 225xe, so perhaps 35 miles per gallon (12-13km/litre)
Yep , 35mls /gallon is worse than de 225xe :(
The HS is more powerful, has 10 gears rather than 6, is a bigger car, and has a much bigger battery/electric range.

It does not have AWD though: it is front-wheel drive only, and the heating system is connected to the ICE rather than having an electric heater - this means the ICE will kick in on very cold days if you need heating, even on short journeys.

@EV_geezer I presume the 20.7km/litre (~58 miles per gallon) includes EV miles - remove them and I suspect it will be closer to 12-13 😉
Whatever suits your imaginary calculator - a regular HS gets 15 to 20 km/l, so since we are all doing wild guessing here, I venture to guess the hybrid version could exceed that. Of course there is a data point somewhere where your guess is also on the mark - e.g. doing 150+ km/h lead foot cruising. :)
WLTP is 38.7mpg (usually optimistic slightly) which is 13.6km per litre.

I see you're in Thailand - perhaps lower average speed than in Europe, and 30°C helps a bit?

Once the battery was empty my 225xe was managing 40mpg at highway speeds.
I linked a video from Miles Roberts on another post you created with a review of the HS.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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