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MG EHS hybride

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i don't know if i ended up in the right place here, if not, sorry lol i currently own a bmw 225 hybrid and am considering buying a MG hybrid MG EHS (i think) if I understand correctly this car is not available yet? or are there countries where it can be obtained or tested? I would have liked to know what the consumption is with an empty battery, for the BMW that is quite high
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MG HS PHEV is available in the UK but not read much from owners yet: ZS EV and now MG5 seem more popular.

It seems to manage 30-35miles on electric. Under ICE power I suspect it will be worse than the 225xe, so perhaps 35 miles per gallon (12-13km/litre)
Yep , 35mls /gallon is worse than de 225xe :(
WLTP is 38.7mpg (usually optimistic slightly) which is 13.6km per litre.

I see you're in Thailand - perhaps lower average speed than in Europe, and 30°C helps a bit?

Once the battery was empty my 225xe was managing 40mpg at highway speeds.

then they are not far apart in terms of consumption with an empty battery, and against elec 55 - 60 km against 30- 35 km BMW
I linked a video from Miles Roberts on another post you created with a review of the HS.
yep , thank you (y)
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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