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During the last few days when it has been below freezing, my car will not run in full electric mode.
When I press start (with a fully charged battery) the ICE fires up this is despite having climatised the car whilst plugged in. The gauge on the dash shows zero miles available and there is a message saying battery power temporarily unavailable!
After a few miles running on ICE, the battery warms sufficiently for the car to run in EV mode.
As an example yesterday it was -4C, so I climatised the car. The app showed only 14 miles available but was at 100%. The car would not run in EV mode, so was running on ICE. After around 6 miles or so EV mode became available, but the range was only showing at 6 miles! I continued my shopping trip but after 14 miles the EV mode was no longer available, so my journey was finished on ICE.
So a 16 mile trip, the first 6 and the last couple on petrol, means only 8 in EV mode!
Strangely despite the app showing 14 miles before I left home, it took 6 miles on petrol before EV. mode was available and then the range was showing as 6 miles. How did I loose 8 miles whilst travelling on petrol?
Incidentally the charging port would not latch shut when I unplugged the car, I had to dowse it with de iced, and cycle the door locks a few times before the latch would secure the port door.

If this is all down to the battery being cold, how does this car operate in Scandinavian winters?
Hi - I have had my SE for 3 years now and I had this for the time this winter when temperatures were very low - I wonder if my car enabled this at the last service when they did routine software updates?

The first time this happened a few weeks ago, like you, I lost around 8 miles of range. On two other occasions, I was running on petrol for only about a mile before I could use electric and had 14 miles of range available.

My car is due a service later this month - I will ask about it then.
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