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Based on the 330e which should be similar, @idiotzoo is correct, and the car might be telling you the truth. The car bases the range on your recent driving history, so it is possible that the factory reset goes back to the 30 as it has no history, which then reduces based on your real world driving.

One way to check is to go to the trip screen which should show the miles/KWH and reset at the start of your drive. Then see what it reads on EV driving, this figure is only accurate BEFORE the petrol engine kicks in ( It is calculated using total mileage! ) If it shows 3m/kwh then that figure times you usable capacity would give you the current electric range - knock off 10% as the GOM reads 0 miles at this state of charge when the car goes into full hybrid. Also the electric heater will eat into this figure, so if you are doing short stop-start drives, with the heater on, the efficiency figure will go down.

On your charge at a Gennie Point, you may have had a longer drive to get there, so initial cabin heating is less of an impact, may have been more cruising rather than stop start, etc, so the efficiency improved and the guessed range went up a bit.
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