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From YouTube:

Record Breaking Mitsubishi Electric Vehicle Run at Pikes Peak by Greg Tracy.

Tracy climbed Pikes Peak in the Mitsubishi I-MiEV Evolution III shattering Monster Tajima's 2013 Electric Modified Class record by 38 seconds with a 09.08.188 record time.


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In car footage of the whole stage:

The interesting thing to note is that the electric record is now the 4th fastest EVER time on Pikes Peak:
2013  Unlimited  Fr  Sébastien Loeb   Peugeot 208 T16          8:13.878
2013  Unlimited  US  Rhys Millen      Hyundai PM580T           9:02.192
2014  Unlimited  Fr  Romain Dumas     Norma M20 RD             9:05.801
2014  Electric   US  Greg Tracy       Mitsubishi MiEV Evo III  9:08.188  126.8 km/h
Still a long way to go to get close to Loeb's time though!

(note 2013 was the first year the event was tarmac from start to finish.)

Anyone have details of what the [Production Electric] class Honda and Toyota's were?
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