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Is anyone interested in doing a Mk1 vs Mk2 Leaf range test?

I have a Mk1 and I thought it would be interesting and fun to do a side-by-side test of range between the Mk1 and 2.

I though with both cars with LeafSpy or LeafDD it would be easy to drive a route together and see how much power was used. By doing the same route at the same time you could be sure that the cars were both driven at the same speeds and with the same acceleration and so removing differences in driving style or traffic conditions.

It would be a pretty conclusive test between the two cars and if we could get more than one of each mark then it would get even more accurate.

Anyone interested then post here and tell others that might be interested and perhaps we could get something organised perhaps at a rapid charging station... followed by a coffee and a review of the figures.

Any takers?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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