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Hope everyone is coping not being able to go further than the shops!

I was supposed to take delivery of my SR+ at the end of March but C-19 has put a delay on that. So while I am waiting for the new delivery date to be set I was hoping to pick current SR+ owners brains in terms of must have/need to buy before/once the car is delivered.

If this list already exists then please point me to it.

Currently the list I have through other threads are:
Floor mats (picked some up on eBay for 拢12)
SSD hard drive ~320GB (or could it be smaller if only for the Teslacam?)
USB hub

Cheers in advance! 馃

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How about the following......

Trunk and Boot mats
Tesla logo door entry lights
Brighter internal LED lights
Door seal kit
Interior compartment mats
Interior compartment tray (front)
Wireless charge pad

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My top 5 would be:

#1 mudflaps

#2 floor mats

#3 USB hub and SSD or fast USB drive for sentry

#4 trunk and floor mats

#5 centre console wrap

Top 3 essential in my book.

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As above, I purchased a wireless phone charger from Amazon and received cubby mats along with it which was nice.
Defo mudflaps as soon as you get the car as the paint is easily chipped behind the wheels.

Don't worry about the door seal kit as 2020 cars are whisper quiet (mine is anyway).

EDIT: I forgot the electric pump. A must for slow punctures to get you home or to a tyre repairer. I also have the tyre sealent to fall back on.

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+ Emergency puncture repair kit, something like-

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I bought the following for my car:

1) Trunk mat from Amazon. It's arriving today so I can let you know what the quality is like but it has 5 star reviews. Link below:


2) Centre console wrap. If you absolutely hate the piano gloss finish on the centre console (everyone does) and you want to protect it from scratches then this piece of kit is essential. Don't get the cheap versions on Amazon as they're flimsy paper stickers that peel over time. This one is actual hard ABS plastic that is cut to fit and it looks exactly like it does in the pictures. Really happy with this purchase.

3) Windscreen cover. Not essential but I like to keep my car cool while it's parked in the drive way. I was also worried about the back of the touch screen with the sun shining on it all day. I touched it once and it was incredibly hot to the point where I couldn't actually keep my hand on it's surface. I can't imagine this is good for the internal electronics so I'm being cautious.

4) 'Door Open' stickers to stick over the open door buttons. This is to stop passengers from using the emergency open door lever, which can damage the door.

Below is a list of things that I don't have yet but I plan on buying in the near future:

1) A USB hub so that I can plug in more USB devices.
2) Wireless charger. I'll probably will get the official Tesla version even though it's more expensive.
3) Frunk mat.
4) All weather floor mats.
5) Compartment mats.
6) Compartment storage box.

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USB drive, Tesla OEM floor mats, wireless charger for phones and a frunk mat. The only thing on my list still is a Tesla wall charger as Im bored of the faff with unlocking/pluging from the PodPoint.

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Must have? Mats and something to deal with punctures, a miniumum of a compressor (like this Ring one https://amzn.to/2ObY4qv ) and optionally either a dynaplug set or one of the alternatives that work on the same theme. personally I'd avoid the foam type solutions. I also carry a half decent torch.

Should have? SSD drive or SD Memory card and adaptor for dashcam and sentry.

Everything else is optional really.

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Why is that? Seems like it's got all the wells and troughs to ensure full protection.
Those mats are for left hand drive Model 3's. The fit isn't the same. Unless you're based in the US (or any other country that drives on the other side of the road), you need right hand drive mats. The rear mats should still fit though but definitely not the front mats.
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