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After 5000 miles with a Tesla Model S this owner gives his thoughts...

Life With Tesla Model S: Owner's Report After 5,000 Miles

A few quotes...

...the car takes your breath away every time you stomp on the gas pedal
Big Problem No. 1 is the inability to make long trips.

My car is the 60-kWh version, which has a practical range of about 200 miles. (The 85-kWh version can do about 250 miles, at a cost of $10,000 more.) On three or four occasions, I've been forced to drive my Chevy Volt for trips longer than that.
Big Problem No. 2 is the Tesla's "vampire" thirst for kilowatts even when it's turned off and parked.
The bottom line is that after 5,000 miles, I love this car.

It has met or exceeded my expectations. It's still a thrill to drive it every day.
Clearly this is an extraordinary car to own and drive but it is interesting that even 200 miles range is not enough.

The "vampire" power use seems dreadful but something that is very likely to be fixed with a software update.

This car is not for me: It is too big for one thing and out of my price range. But in a strange way I wish it was! I am looking forward to the Tesla Generation 3.

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I guess with the long journeys some Americans make 200 miles could be an issue. In the UK, providing the rapid charger network expands I think most drivers would find the range OK? My concern is that UK price will be very high and it is a very large for UK roads.
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