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I took my PHEV Clarity to the dealer last week to deal with four (4!) recall issues. One of these was a software update which solved the range error problem that has been discussed here.

I don't know how to verify this but it seems to me that the engine is now much noisier in HV mode, especially in stop-and-go situations. I do not normally use the "double HV" option (to charge the battery while driving) but I have tried it just to see what would happen. The engine was much louder using this option. Now it sounds like my car goes into that mode immediately when I press the HV button. This is aggravating because the engine is so loud. One of the things I love about the Clarity is how quiet it is.

Anyone else experiencing this? Anyone have any ideas how I can find out if my car is in battery-charging mode when I don't want it to be?

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