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There are many reasons for going electric but the perhaps the main one is running costs. But if money were the only issue you would certainly be better off buying a second hand ice with good fuel efficiency and low tax. So there has to be another factor.
I believe that factor is resentment.
Resentment at how motoring costs have escalated over the years and the knowledge that government, main and local, sees us as cash cows.
However there has been a degree of “cutting off your nose to spite your face” or in our case paying through the nose to spite the government.
And that is why now, three years on, I feel the list price of ev has to be addressed before resentment builds towards the manufactures.
I had wanted to create a post expressing my thoughts on the 3 R’s as I saw them, range , rapid charging and reliability but reliability is an assumed constant in all issues and that lead me to examine my ev experience and feelings.
So I now feel that the 3 R’s in ev education are;
Range, Rapid charging and Resentment
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