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Having had a very poor experience with our local dealer last year (where they ignored what I told them about a brake fault and caused a fault so bad it had to be recovered back to them as it could not be driven), I was wondering what to do this year in terms of servicing our 4 year old leaf. Options were:

1. Just don't bother with a dealer and do it myself. Two drawbacks, no stamp in the book (though I could probably have sorted that), no battery report to support the 7 year guarantee.
2. Get a non dealer workshop to do it. Gets me a genuine stamp in the book, but generally not much cheaper than the main agent and still no battery report.
3. See if I can get the dealer to do a battery report without a "service". Still doesn't get me the stamp.
4. Find another dealer to service it.

We are planning to sell the 30KWh leaf and get something with a little more range (200 miles + would mean it really would do everything we need without advanced planning every time we want to do a longer trip) so the stamp in the book is something people look for (ok, personally I wouldn't be that fussed but many people are) and the battery report is something people SHOULD look for, so I went with option 4.

The closest main agent to me (well, other than the one we bought the car from and had issues with) was Motorline in Newbury, so I booked it in. First surprise was that they could service it and give me a loan car the following week (our local dealer needed 3-4 weeks notice if you wanted a loan car) so I booked it in.

Loan car was a Petrol Leaf (or Nissan Micra as it is badged :) ) and I went off to sort out some stuff for my day job (which is based in Newbury). Got a call at lunchtime saying it was all done so I headed back to pick it up. The wash and vacuum was far better than the local dealer (and given that probably takes longer to do than the service rightly so!) and a new one on me, there was a bottle of screenwash left in the car (you know, the thing that is included in the fixed price service whether you need it or not) which is an excellent solution to the discussions about why people are charged for screenwash when the washer bottle was full. The invoice didn't mention changing the engine oil and filter, and they did not try and upsell me a fuel treatment additive (again, unlike our local dealer)....

So yes, the service is still overpriced for what little there is to do on a Leaf, but if you do want/need to pay for it there are some dealers out there that give a far more positive experience than others.

The only drawback was when I asked if they had a charger as it would need to be charged before I could get home and they said yes, what they meant was they had a row of 7Kw outlets, not the rapid charger.......
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