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If anyone is interested, I swapped from a Zoe (2013) 22kw to a Leaf 24, 2015, Tekna. These have been my experiences so far. It’s worth noting, that I loved my Zoe, so some of this is hard to say/admit.

Leaf is far less finicky when charging, the Zoe would often refuse to charge at certain points. The leaf seems to charge anywhere without issue.

The efficiency of charging in the leaf is simply exceptional. Using the same 2kw 3 pin charger, in the same socket & location the leaf is almost 35% more efficient when charging. The Zoe used the magnets in the engine to essentially use the re-gen circuitry to charge the battery, which was quite lossy. But when only having 10% battery the Zoe would need 15 hours to fully charge, and when plugged in at work, would only ever charge around 50% during a normal work day. The Leaf will charge almost fully during a work day, it makes a huge difference when the only thing you have available is a 13 amp socket.

You can actually heat/cool the car when charging. I just couldn’t believe that you had to set the preconditioning to get 15 min of heat when freezing in the winter at a charge-point. You couldn’t open a window, or start the air-con during the summer. The moment you started the ignition, the charging stopped. You were limited to 5 min bursts (provided you haven’t opened the door in the previous 5 mins), at a fixed 22 degrees.

The Zoe rattled and squeaked a lot. The leaf is significantly better put together.

The Zoe was a far better handler, nippy and excellent visibility, PARKING SENSORS!!!! Potentially a much better rear view camera as well. The leaf lumbers and looses traction far more easily. The zoe, was very fun to drive on a b-road.

Zoe stereo was not anywhere near as good, far slower, far fewer features. Could read more format USB sticks however.

Very hard to quantify, but leaf drag seems far less in real world usage than the Zoe. Can coast a lot farther in the leaf.

ECO mode in the Zoe limited you strictly to 60 mph, but actually you’d struggle to maintain 56-58 most of the time, it was very under powered. Leaf, obviously just limits power output, to a far more sensible level.

Many software bugs in the Zoe meant that you sometime had to stop, and lock the car, then unlock it again to open a window.

In the leaf you get 2 proper cup holders, not the 1 and an espresso holder, right under the hand break, so you can’t have a large Costa and let the handbrake go at the same time, total lunacy of design.

Renault could never allow app access because the Modem in the car needed resetting, but it was buried under the floor and had a backup battery which lasted months, so removing the fuse didn’t help either. Nissan connect app is trash, but it does work (kind of).

The projector style headlamps on the Zoe, when upgraded to LED we simply brilliant. The leaf normal beam is LED, and is really good, but full beam is almost duller than normal. It’s such a weird thing to save money on.

As I touched on above, I am gobsmacked that the leaf didn’t come with parking sensors, it’s just so invaluable, I really miss them, and they were excellent on the Zoe, as was the turning circle.

Range, well they both reported that they would do the same. But the leaf goes 10-13 miles further every time, and that’s with crappy high drag tires that the previous owner put on. Remarkable given it’s so much bigger and heavier.

Zoe had ISOFIX on the front, passenger, seat which was brilliant. The leaf, sadly does not.

Overall, the Leaf is a far easier car to live with day to day as a family car, the Zoe will forever hold my heart.
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