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Good idea and very doable for AC charging at least as a concept for a school project. For a product development quite a number of regulations are to be followed. To get familiar with the subject start to dig into some open source EVSE projects:


You are also not the first attempting such splitter. Have a look:
J1772 Hydra

Hi everyone,
Sorry if this isn't the place for it but I was hoping to ask you guys a question. My Mum has a BMW i3 and at school we were set a project to invent something. I thought with EVs set to become more popular and public charging posts mostly only having two sockets a socket extender would be a cool idea. So you plug in the device into one socket which gives three more sockets. Like a multi extension cord for a charging post. Mum thinks it could causing some feasibility issues and make you charge slower but I thick it's an intermediate solution.

Sorry I'll get to the point, has anyone come across this idea before or know of anyone else doing it? My research hasn't really turfed up anything.
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