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I only have the 4.1 speaker setup, but had an exchange on the UK Facebook group with a guy who happens to be a sound engineer - here's what he said:

A 3 band EQ is never going to give you much to play with, would try using the EQ settings on your phone if possible.

[in terms of the car EQ], I think from what I played around with the other day:

Bass = 250Hz Low Shelf
Mid = 2kHz Notch/Bell Filter
High = 10/15kHz High Shelf

I would start by playing around giving little boosts/cuts at 63/100/400/1000/8000/16000 whilst playing a track you know well, if you get low end distortion cut a little bit of 32
That's always the problem with sound in cars, there's never enough options to really adjust the sound.

I've got the standard set up in my ID3 without the rear speakers and that's never going to keep an audiophile happy whatever you do with the 'eq'
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