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I'm off to Muxsan this week to have the exact same job done to my 24kW ENV (plus towbar). Just like the OP, I calculate 14k Euros as cheap compared to £60k for another 6 seater with 200+ miles range, and £3k from webuyanycar for my ENV!

It's an ex-taxi, has done 128k miles but drives fine. It did have a new motor at 80k though. I've spent almost nothing on maintenance since I had in in 2019 - just a small suspension job. However the Chademo stopped working last year and Nissan vaguely think that a new PDM might fix it (c. £4k but nobody local could fit it). Emile thinks it's a software issue (ironically it charges fine on the ancient Ecotricity unit at the dealer - and hopefully the one near Harwich or I'll be slow charging for hours before the ferry).

Really pleased to see there is anti-corrosion and suspension included. On the latter, their website says when they first did the UBEX they found the existing suspension was fine and never bottomed out (there are what look like small "stop" springs factory fitted).
The communication with Muxsan was a challenge, however. I stuck the Euro price in the subject to get their attention - seemed to work.

I'm taking the family to Nantes in the summer and REALLY looking forward to charging at 150kW/h at a Tesla Supercharger (a 2015 Model S can only do 100kW smug).
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