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Muxsan We Need Your Services Now

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This guy has some range extenders for the Leaf 2014. When is he going to become a businessman and get on with it. Raise finance, get distributors, build diy packs. Many of us want this capability. He should hook up with a venture capital company, hire some techys and get his product to market. Anyone else as frustrated as me about this?
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Thanks for the honest assessment. (y)
Well the Leaf 40 is too new to do a proper comparison.

I think you answered the question however - Leaf 24 with conversion is £11,000, when you can buy a newer Leaf 30 for £10,000.

I would say a Muxsan'd 17.7kwh leaf 24 will go further than a stock leaf 30 and half its pack is pretty much brand new and more than likely better quality cells. Downsides are a slower type 2 charger (3.6kw), more lossy ptc heater, likely more mechanical wear. gen2 can do v2h/v2g gen1 cannot

my counters to that is
1) fixing known mechanical issues, i.e. ball joints is not that expensive and can be done by any competent garage.
2) I have never really needed 7.2kw over night and through my working day 3.6kwh has always been enough to fully charge, though I do have the option if I want to install a 3 phase 11 or 22kw charger.
3) I am thinking about a diesel hydronics heater for mine which I couldn't do on a gen 2 leaf as there is no coolant loop.
4) also the mitm can add in features like % cutoff charging, advanced timer charging, really anything within reason that the car uses the canbus for so it can improve the car lots in the future.
5) CCS might be an add on eventually or upgrading to chademo/ccs v2.
6) when a decent 2nd hand leaf pack from a 62 or a 40 is available in a breakers yard in a year or twos time I have the option to swap that out too.
7) using the mitm v2h can be enabled within reason but then ovo and their ilk probs wont put you on a scheme cause its a weird one off and legal wouldn't sanction it.

All that said the cost margins are slim, if you are risk averse go for a stock oem car pay the extra and accept that all you are allowed to have is what the companies like Nissan and Renault will mass produce for you. They will never provide upgrade paths because it stops them selling new cars which is their business. My reasons for going this route are more than financial but that said it still believe it makes sense on that basis alone.
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Hi All,

In California, with a little patience, you can buy a 2011 for ~ 4k euros and 2013s for 4400 euros. I recently purchased a 2013 for $4699 and it had a 2018 battery. SOH was 90+. The dealer had no clue. So, if we get a DIY kit, I think they would sell. I've also purchased 11kw/hr of honda clarity batteries at a cost of 2k euros. The cars themselves are in great shape and usually have around 40-50k miles on them. I'm an engineer but not familiar with canbus so I'm trying to go slow.

It does feel like if you want to play the diy game in america there are some serious deals/steals to be had regarding second hand parts. I wonder if America has more crashes or just more cars but the costs of stuff in breakers yards is far better than elsewhere.
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