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I'm not crazy, the attack has begun.
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(This presumes you have got the app, logged in, registered your lead, etc.)

Open your charge port.

Make sure the Ohme lead is powered and has a signal.

Get the 'phone with the app programmed for the lead, and open the app.
It should be grey and say 'not plugged in'.

Plug in to your car with one hand, and hold the 'phone in your other hand.

As soon as the screen turns blue, hit 'Stop Charge' and then 'yes I am sure'.

It will go grey again and say 'DONE CHARGING'.

You can now put your 'phone on standby, lock the car up, whatever you do, go make tea or something.

When you are good and ready, open up the Octopus rates on the website or on the tariff app*, have a browse and decide on the maximum unit price you want to pay.

Go back on your 'phone and the Ohme app.

Hit the three lines top left, and then "Tariff; Agile Octopus".

Type in the maximum unit price you want to pay, the times that it can charge will be confirmed on the screen, it is not always correct, you can adjust once or twice, but the app seems to get its knickers in a twist if you do it too often (this is why * above; get the price you want to pay first so you have a good idea what you are going to put in).

Press the screen somewhere and it 'should' then say 'are you sure you want to change the tariff', if it doesn't then it hasn't gone 'in' and you'll go back to a grey screen.

After successfully inputting a new tariff max, the screen will turn blue again and say 'SMART CHARGING Interrupted by user'.

Now hit 'change target'.

You should now see two lines you have a slider to adjust, and under these a line that says 'Don't charge above X', where X should be what you entered, this line will have the radio button showing BLUE, make sure it is not grey.
Now slide both of the line sliders fully right, just push them both right over to the right, don't bother reading them, just do it!

Hit 'confirm'.

You will get the blue screen again and an advisory message "We adjusted the range to meet your max price", sometimes it seems to come up with a message you have to actively dismiss where you hit "GOT IT", other times it's just a white box comment at the bottom.

You will now see a plot of the programmed charging due, over the next 24 hours. The plot shows miles added, so it will ramp up during the night when you have chosen a rate for overnight charging, and flat during the day time.

You're done. You've done it!

I'm not crazy, the attack has begun.
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One additional point ... I have not connected my app to my car's SOC. I cannot say if this makes any difference to the above if you have connected the battery SOC. I don't think it should, only that it will know if you are likely to charge up to 100% during the charge period.

You do seem to have to put a car into it though, I mean just tell the app what model of car you have (doesn't really matter what you tell it, it uses that car information to give you the charge data in 'miles of charge' .. the Ohme people clearly think you prefer that to kWh ...). But I stopped short on setting up a direct 'app connection' to the car battery.
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