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Nail puncture on Pirelli Scorpio elect tyre with seal inside

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My ID4 has Pirelli Scorpio elect tyres with seal inside. Unfortunately I have a nail and it is slowly leaking air. It is right in the middle of the tyre and it seems to be a relatively long nail. Do I simply pull out the nail and the seal inside should work? Do I need to further replace the tyre if the seal inside does work anyway?
All advice appreciated.
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In complete 180 degree advice, the nail can be pulled out, according to Pirelli anyway.

It will lose some air, but the seal layer should move to fill it.
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Well you live and learn. My experience with the Hankooks was it went down.
Yeah, I think it depends on a few variables.

I had a Bridgestone on my ID.3 with self seal, and it initially did start losing air after I removed the screw that had punctured it, but a quick drive around the block and it sealed itself.

I did mean to take it in for a repair at some point but it was holed in a repairable area (the seal lining only covers the repairable area anyway) and never lost air again after being re inflated to the correct pressure, so I guess did the job. 👍
Tyre snot works by blocking the hole as you drive.
My understanding is you reinflate, pull out the offending item and drive away slowly, reinflating the tyre a couple of times if needed.

It's the motion which helps the hole seal up.

It won't work with a nail sticking out of the hole which is subject to move around as you drive.

Some like the idea, some don't but I've seen people whining that it didn't work when they had a 2 inch gash down the sidewall so I guess it's commonly misunderstood.

It’s not really ‘tyre snot’ per se, sloshing about in the tyre, it’s a sort of vulcanised mastic that sits in a layer around the inside of the treaded part of the tyre.

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Is that something built into those specific tyres or is it added by the vehicle manufacturer?
Self sealing without the mess, I'd rather like the option on any car.
On the Oponeo website they have a list of manufacturers who make self sealing tyres, I’ve tried the Bridgestone ones, and they worked as advertised, and have the Pirelli’s on my current EV, but fingers crossed I won’t need to test them out!

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