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Nail puncture on Pirelli Scorpio elect tyre with seal inside

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My ID4 has Pirelli Scorpio elect tyres with seal inside. Unfortunately I have a nail and it is slowly leaking air. It is right in the middle of the tyre and it seems to be a relatively long nail. Do I simply pull out the nail and the seal inside should work? Do I need to further replace the tyre if the seal inside does work anyway?
All advice appreciated.
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Thank you. Just out curiosity, anyone know what can the seal inside stuff repair?
I will still call around to see who will repair these seal inside tyres but I guess there is nothing to lose by trying to pull the nail out and see what happens.
It was a screw not a nail and about an inch long. Today I inflated the tyre to as much as I can (it was leaking where the screw was), pulled it out, moved the car to and fro a bit to push the seal inside gunk into the puncture. The tyre subsequently inflated fine and I took it around the block a few times to make sure the seal inside is in the puncture hole. So far so good.
it’s magic when it works!
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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