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Name of little door inside boot

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Looking to buy a used 2nd gen as someone helpfully drove into my 1st gen two weeks ago and it's going to get written off :cry:

A couple I've looked at and am considering are both missing the little door on the left side inside the boot that covers where the emergency tyre repair gloop and pump live.

Does anyone know the name of this hatch cover or part number so that I can try to find one on ebay or something?

If anyone had one spare, that'd be really great, but I doubt.

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You should be able to find the Nissan part number for it here:

Pretty much any genuine Nissan part is available through these guys by mail order: (instead of fighting with the service desk at Nissan)

I have used them to buy suspension parts for my Leaf like stub axle nut and cotter pins - just be very careful that you have the exact part number as searching for parts by name on this site will give loads of matches without indication as to which matches your exact car. So I use the first site to find and identify the part number and the second one to buy it by giving it the exact part number.
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