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Name of little door inside boot

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Looking to buy a used 2nd gen as someone helpfully drove into my 1st gen two weeks ago and it's going to get written off :cry:

A couple I've looked at and am considering are both missing the little door on the left side inside the boot that covers where the emergency tyre repair gloop and pump live.

Does anyone know the name of this hatch cover or part number so that I can try to find one on ebay or something?

If anyone had one spare, that'd be really great, but I doubt.

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Thanks for your reply, Simon.

It's part 849 on this page:

Martin at evexperts (recommended BEV dealer) told me that you have to buy the whole lining to get that little door (which might make it too expensive). He seemed to think £260 or something (trade price).

However, I can't see how to get the full part number from that first website based on knowing it's 849 on that page... Can you help with my ignorance there? Thanks
It looks as though the web site for that specific page is broken (other links work to expand sections of the diagram).

I am not sure this is the right model (so, do your own navigation through the site to check), but try
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