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When I want to charge from My Solar PV I need to use the 6A mode on the supplied portable charge supply that comes with the Ampera as it is rare that I generate enough excess elecricity (the free stuff) to go higher. My installed capacity is 2.9KwPeak which means 2.6Kw for a couple of hours in the middle of the summer's day with no cloud. 6A is effectively 1.5Kw and I regularly see that as spare for about the middle 4 hours of the day but until I retire I will not be around to capture it very often. With Economy 7 costing around 5pence per KWH charging at night is the main option. This does not mean I have not generated more electricity than the car has used - just that few of the actual electrons were pushed by them directly.

The main opportunity is after shopping on a Saturday if it happens to be nice weather. I can get back to full before the sun sinks too low in that scenario as I only will have used 8 - 10 miles range. The FIT tariff means the solar PV was a damn good idea in its own right, and driving on sunshine now and then is just a cool bonus. :cool:
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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