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New Charging network launching with Q Park UK

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I am pleased to announce that we have recently come to an agreement with Q Park to supply, install and operate fast (22KW) charging points across their 60 car parks. The new network will launch in February 2016, starting in Liverpool ONE and Manchester First st car parks. The network will be payable and users can access the network through our customer web portal, telephone and RFID cards (subscription only). The network will be the first in the UK to offer a one off payment at point service and this will be available through our web portal.

I look forward to receiving drivers comments and advice on the network. We anticipate initially installing 2 charging points per location.

Many thanks.
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Price is key of course, especially where as a driver I would look at the overall cost of park+charge, and the convenience. A premium location means £ can be higher, but an already high parking charge in an "ok" location with lots of alternatives would make a high charge price tricky to swallow.

You mentioned new motion and plug-surf. I think roaming will definately happen more and more.. Are there other UK networks using these yet? The "big" network I consider so far are ecotricity, polar, pod-point ... then all the more local schemes. frustrating -- though since you're offering PAYG that's fine (and fair to charge more compared to subscription)
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Gut feel on the pricing -- about right generally speaking (with the proviso about parking charges above). I presume that is inclusive of vat @ 20% (commercially). I'm ok with a "Minimum charge" at around that level too. better than a fixed usage charge.
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i'd concur with type-2. It is "the" standard for "proper" charging facilities. 13A is a pain
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