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New e-Dispatch now arrived at home. Tech issues..

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My e-Dispatch finally made it over from France and onto my driveway this week. I’ve oBly had a short drive and so far so good.

The one real let down is the tech.

Sadly there is no option to set the charge condition or deferral of the pre conditioning from the driver interface. It has to be done via the MyCitroen app. This is my first stumbling block. Whatever network the modem uses has poor coverage in my area and I’m struggling to connect to the van most of the time. Which is really quite daft. Unfortunately there’s no way to see what network connection the van uses or what it’s strength is. There also no option to hotspot it. So far I’m a little disappointed with the interface and the app. I mean seriously, you’d have thought Citroen would have had the app properly translated into English rather than the poor auto-translation they have used. It really is a bit haphazard.

Anyhoo. I’ve already waited a week for Citroen UK to comeback to me on this so thought I’d reach out here to see if anyone knew more about the network provider. I’m hoping I can put a femtocell in maybe?
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A bit of an update on this.

I haven't had the opportunity to use the van much as I have been waiting for an appointment for the body builder to fit all of the lining and racking. I did however have a good drive up to them to deliver the van yesterday. Here are my initial thoughts and findings.

I plugged in with the battery at 98% around 2 hours before leaving and used the (dreadful) MyCitroen app to start the 45 minute pre-programmed/21°C heating cycle. I noticed that the charger contactor didn't engage to start the charge. Clearly the van will not 'top-up' when near full or to help with pre-conditioning/climate.

The predicted range displayed on leaving was 181 miles. The temperature was 1°C and the climate set to a moderate 19°C with AC off. The first 10 miles were a mix of town and B roads, all quiet and done in the Normal drive mode with regen on. Efficiency on the display stated as 2.2miles/kWh for this part of the journey. The predicted range depleted in accordance with the miles traveled. All good.

This soon came undone however with the last 40 miles of motorway driving. Cruise set at 70mph. I got to my destination with a total journey distance of 52 miles with 55% battery remaining and a predicted range remaining of 64 miles. Efficiency for the motorway part of the journey was 1.7miles/kWh.

Bear in mind that my van is the 75kWh version and is the XLWB variant so it is heavy and is likely not as efficient as the smaller 50kWh SWB version. Even so, and in consideration of the temperature, I was still surprised by the result. I guess time will tell and we'll see what it is like to live with. I have yet to try it fully loaded (which it will be most of the time) :confused:. Thankfully I am realistic about the range. I reckon 100 miles fully loaded at this time of year. That's ok with me. The efficiency does bother me though. 2.2miles/kWh is quite poor but no doubt this will get better with warmer weather.
Thanks for the report, good to hear about how the van performs on the motorway and in the winter as that’s likely close to “worst case” with the cold - id already found this review of the SWB and in the summer which suggests the 75kwh driven then gets close to 200 miles which I would assume is the

It would make sense that driving fast on a motorway would hammer the range, it’s a big box after all - it does give me pause however as I was considering the Vivaro LWB e-life as a family run around which only comes with the 50kwh battery so as you found it would only be doing 100miles on a motorway driving conservatively - it’s a shame they didnt do a 75kwh or shorter wheel base version for the people carrier
Random question - I take it inside it’s more or less the same fittings etc as the normal PSA vans? Reason I ask is I am tempted to get a van with the bench seat, but as we are expecting I would look to switch the bench to a single seat (so have two seats in the front) and have a double seat fitted in the back by an expert fitter

Changing the bench seat in the front is simple in the ICE version with kits available, assume it would all work and be as simple in the electric version too?
Point to ponder on the edispatch xl 75kw.

Have you noticed the opening in front of the driver side wheel in the arch?

I have had to make a baffle to stop the muck going through in to the compartment which was designed for an inter cooler, if left open it could seriously fill with an awful lot of junk.

If you look through the grill in the front of the vehicle, you can see the air scoop. This really needs:oops: closing off as well.
What are the two for? Signs of the vans ICE origin? I wouldn’t want to close off an air scoop unless I was sure it wasn’t important (air cooling for the engine/battery? Air conditioning?)
Random question - I take it inside it’s more or less the same fittings etc as the normal PSA vans? Reason I ask is I am tempted to get a van with the bench seat, but as we are expecting I would look to switch the bench to a single seat (so have two seats in the front) and have a double seat fitted in the back by an expert fitter
Some cold water poured on my plan by the dealer, apparently their local seat fitter for their diesel vans has concerns about fitting rear seats to the the electric ones - reasons given being the fact you have to drop the diesel tank to fit seats and the fixings for the panels etc in the back use different fittings for the electric van so they think non-conductive materials would be needed

Personally I wonder if this is more a lack of knowledge/experience working on EV’s (dropping the battery pack in other cars isn’t that big an issue compared to dropping a fuel tank other than shock safeguards) and Nissans env200 have metal seats no issues, but I can’t really take the risk of buying and finding out actually i can’t put seats in the back 😕
I agree - lack of knowledge and unduly scared of something due to it. Why not ask Citroen?
Good idea, I had been speaking to a dealer so I had assumed they would know - have emailed Citroen directly
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After my query I sent to Citroen UK they have just contacted me to say theyve asked around at the business specialists at the dealerships who said they wouldnt due to the batteries

Am now asking a few third party seat fitters - Like the e-NV200 I cant see how the batteries would be a problem othr than needing to be removed, so unless they've iphoned them in there and are non-removable....
As a side note, it looks like none of these vans have heated seats, which seems, to quote The Princess Bride, "inconceivable!". Or perhaps they're just not listed for some odd reason, despite listing things such as a laminated windscreen. All a bit odd.
The Edeliver 3 has heated seats as standard

The PSA vans also have heated seats but I believe its only standard on the higher spec versions for some manufacturers - Peugeot mention it for some versions

All-New PEUGEOT e-Expert

From a quick search (so I may be wrong) The Vivaro e-life top spec has them but I dont think the van does, and I didnt see any mention of them in the citroen

Its defo a shame its not standard or at the very least an optional extra
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Yeah, I think on all the e-life, e-traveller etc spec they're an option or included but not on the vans so if you want the 75kWh pack you're a bit scuppered. I've now ordered the Peugeot crew cab with a fair few options, the crew cab is only available at professional level, not the top tear Asphalt. I'll remove the bulkhead and see if I can remove one of the three back seats, fit a pop top and custom build some cabinetry. If the seats are really problematic I guess I'll at least have some decent fixings for after market removable seats. Such a shame they didn't make the larger battery version of the e-traveller available over here, would have saved so much messing around... and cash too probably! I reached out to a few companies about fitting seats in the panel van version and they either didn't know or weren't interested. Perhaps in a year or two there'll be a few more people around to do installs. I'll report back when it arrives, I was told that delivery will likely take until August though. I'll have a 2015 e-nv200 24kWh tekna rapid plus up for sale then too!
Good plan - yes I agree there doesn’t seem to be a physical reason why seats can’t be fitted, just that no one has any experience doing it with the new PSA vans and I’m not brave enough to try and be a trend setter :) I believe the van is still the same shape as the ICE so it should be easy to get a pop top/cabinets for them

Id agree the 75kwh van is the way to go, 50kwh is just too restrictive on range unless you are patient (which my kids most definitely are not) which is a shame
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