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New e-Dispatch now arrived at home. Tech issues..

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My e-Dispatch finally made it over from France and onto my driveway this week. I’ve oBly had a short drive and so far so good.

The one real let down is the tech.

Sadly there is no option to set the charge condition or deferral of the pre conditioning from the driver interface. It has to be done via the MyCitroen app. This is my first stumbling block. Whatever network the modem uses has poor coverage in my area and I’m struggling to connect to the van most of the time. Which is really quite daft. Unfortunately there’s no way to see what network connection the van uses or what it’s strength is. There also no option to hotspot it. So far I’m a little disappointed with the interface and the app. I mean seriously, you’d have thought Citroen would have had the app properly translated into English rather than the poor auto-translation they have used. It really is a bit haphazard.

Anyhoo. I’ve already waited a week for Citroen UK to comeback to me on this so thought I’d reach out here to see if anyone knew more about the network provider. I’m hoping I can put a femtocell in maybe?
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Oh please do tell me everything and anything about the van. I've pretty much agreed a deal for a 75kWh XL, I'm just waiting to test drive the e-Expert (I can't get my hands on a Dispatch so thought I'd be cheeky and test the Peugeot) next week and finalise the sale of my env before I sign on the dotted line.

If and when you get a chance, I'd love to know any details on range you might be able to offer.
We have had our e-dispatch for a month now but haven't been too far yet so can't say what range is, we, like yourself, have the 75kw XL as we needed the extra space.
The env was too small as we made it in to a camper with the 3 seats in the back. It worked all right but very small space for loo.
If and when you get it there are a couple of points to look out for, one is the vent in front of the offside wheel, it need to be closed off other wise you will fill the compartment full of muck.
Great vehicle though, so far.
Thanks, I literally placed my order this afternoon.
Not much info beyond charging speeds but Electric Felix has a few videos of the e-Dispatch (or e-Jumpy in NL) on his youtube page:

I did ask in the comments of one video for any info on range and he said he said 220wh/km (approx 2.8m per kwh) was easily attained in town and you're looking at 300wh/km (2.1m per kwh) on the motorway.
I have fitted some Victron Energy stuff, reversing camera.....
Thanks for the update. I'm planning on fitting a reversing camera too - which system did you go with and were you able to connect it directly into the standard head unit?

Re the range, 1.7m/kwh doing 70mph in winter is quite encouraging. After 18 months of driving an e-nv200 I've got quite used to doing around 60mph so should be able to push that up to closer to closer to 2m/kwh giving a range of 140ish miles and a fair bit more in summer.
Cheers. That was the one I had my eye on too, glad it was easy to install.
Electric Felix mentions this in one of his videos - around 1min 20seconds in:

You have to assume it wasn't done by accident but I can't understand why they've done it either.
By way of an update on efficiency: I performed a near identical trip home to the one previously reported on Wednesday evening. The ambient temperature ranged from 1°C/-1°C and was preceded by a fast charge at the Instavolt rapid charger at Astle Retail Park in West Bromwich. For the motorway portion I tried a near contant 60mph on cruise. Only varying to 62/58mph whilst going past the odd slower lorry. I saw an average of 2.2kWh/Mile for this. The last 10 miles of cross country driving tipped up to 2.4kWh/Mile.

Not unhappy with this at all. It can only get better as the weather warms up. The one thing I am really happy with is just how very quiet this van is. Even wind noise is very low in consideration of how large it is.
Those are some very encouraging figures. We could be looking at a realistic motorway range of 180 miles in summer, maybe even more.
Hi, I can't un-plug my E-dispatch... the problem seams to be related to the fact that I can't turn off the car...
I don't know how to handle that now on weekend
Please help
Unlock the van and it should release the cable.
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I have no idea. I didn't think it was possible to start a charge with the car on. Good luck.
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