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New e-Dispatch now arrived at home. Tech issues..

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My e-Dispatch finally made it over from France and onto my driveway this week. I’ve oBly had a short drive and so far so good.

The one real let down is the tech.

Sadly there is no option to set the charge condition or deferral of the pre conditioning from the driver interface. It has to be done via the MyCitroen app. This is my first stumbling block. Whatever network the modem uses has poor coverage in my area and I’m struggling to connect to the van most of the time. Which is really quite daft. Unfortunately there’s no way to see what network connection the van uses or what it’s strength is. There also no option to hotspot it. So far I’m a little disappointed with the interface and the app. I mean seriously, you’d have thought Citroen would have had the app properly translated into English rather than the poor auto-translation they have used. It really is a bit haphazard.

Anyhoo. I’ve already waited a week for Citroen UK to comeback to me on this so thought I’d reach out here to see if anyone knew more about the network provider. I’m hoping I can put a femtocell in maybe?
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Anymore opinions of this van, I was going to test drive a couple of weeks ago but I couldn't find the time. I currently have a vw T6 diesel transporter. I love the vw but I have been lusting after an ev for over ten years and I think these new PSA vans tick most of the boxes at a price that once you take into consideration the Diesel savings is roughly the same as the old diesel vans.
Shame about the efficiency but as you said it’s a large van and the weather is cold. I would be looking at the standard wheel base. What are your thoughts on which battery size to get. It does not seem like a lot of extra money for the bigger battery but maybe weight becomes an issue. I don’t normally have much in the back
Picked up a 75kw expert ex demo van a couple of days ago. So far impressed with the way it drives, very comfortable inside. I do wish they came with the 11kw three phase charger as standard as I could only find the 7kw version in time to buy the van before my year end. The plan was to use a Zappi 3 phase charger on my 44kw solar array to charge the vehicle. But unless I can find a way of changing the onboard charger to 3 phase I may be stuck with only using 1/3 of the solar array to charge which is a bit of a bummer.
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