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New eBerlingo

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Have taken delivery of our new eBerlingo crew van. Very impressed. Achieving 4 miles per kwh for overall range of 175 miles. Outside temp around 20 degrees. Very smooth and plenty of power. Few minor things are annoying limited vehicle EV information and functions. You have to use the app to see a percentage of SOC but nothing I won’t get used to. They only do the crew in the lower trim hence the lack of some functionality.
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#philsuarez how do you find the ride in your van. I have a 22 combo e swb, great van to drive but the ride is very hard and crashes over almost every bump, I've had Vauxhall take a look at it because it makes quite a harsh bang sound when you hit a deep bump in the road but they say it's normal. Had loads of small vans over the years but none of them with such a bad ride.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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