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New eBerlingo

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Have taken delivery of our new eBerlingo crew van. Very impressed. Achieving 4 miles per kwh for overall range of 175 miles. Outside temp around 20 degrees. Very smooth and plenty of power. Few minor things are annoying limited vehicle EV information and functions. You have to use the app to see a percentage of SOC but nothing I won’t get used to. They only do the crew in the lower trim hence the lack of some functionality.
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Nice.. better range than the 50 to 70 im getting out of my old env200. what size battery is it to give you that type of range ? what about cabin comfort levels.. important stuff like cup holders and squishy seats..
It’s the 50kwh which is standard across most of the PSA group vehicles apart from the 75kwh which they put in the Dispatch and similar. Build quality is generally very good. I find the cabin far more spacious than the Dispatch range which is known for being cramped. I’m 6’5” and can’t sit comfy in a Dispatch. A Berlingo Van is fine but as we have the crew variant we have no bulkhead immediately behind the driver so in fact it’s very spacious. Seats appear fine but have first long distance drive over weekend so will report back. They do have armrests which my wife loves.

No central consol between seats but you can have as an optional extra but bottle holders on top of dash and both doors so not an issue. I actually prefer the huge space between seats down to floor level.

The bulkhead is very heavy duty mesh and very flexible as can be slid back and forth. The crew seats fold nearly flat into the floor. With seats up the load area is 1.4m deep. With everything down and bulkhead forward with the hatch open, you can fit a 3m length load as the front passenger seat folds flat.

We have a florist business so don’t carry anything heavy. I spend most of my time doing deliveries so our own personal car (Ioniq EV) would spend a huge amount of time not being used. We therefore took decision to not replace at lease end and go with the crew variant as gives plenty of flexibility. Of course would rather drive round in an actual EV car but I have to say the new van is powerful, comfy and realistically has all the bells and whistles we need.
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I have just returned from my round trip to Stoke=on-Trent which is around 203 miles each way and therefore required a stop. I did this at Rugby Services to try out and an ultra fast rapid charger. Pleased to report a peak charge rate of over 100kw which was for a sustained period before it throttled back. I kept to 60 mph and in 30 degree temperatures averaged 3.8 miles per kwh. This means 170 miles per charge easily achieved. I'm sure we'll get a range hit in the cold but still anticipating 130-140 mile winter range which is more than enough for my daily delivery round especially with pre conditioning. Would really like V2L/V2H but not sure if that's something they can enable on my van in the future as we often experience power cuts as I live very rural. Certainly agree that the Berlingo either the Crew or car passenger version make for a brilliant family vehicle.
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