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Thanks for that. Do you keep your car topped up everyday? Also, what EV do you have and if you charge it at home do you use a proper charging point or a standard plug? And lastly, how much does it cost for a full charge?
I’m really not sure if it’s worth paying £450 for a charging point if running the cable through my window and plugging it into a standard socket does the job. What would you say? Thanks again to you all for your advice. I’ve only ever had standard engines cars so this is all very Greek to me despite all my research.
Others will have their own view but I always recommend going for the 7 kW home charger. Once installed it lasts for many years and fits all modern EVs, using the type 2 connector. A grant is still available towards the cost of purchase and installation - not sure of you had factored that in with your figure. Wether or not you use the 3 pin plug or a 7 kW home charger, it is possible in many homes to switch to a special tariff for EVs, for example Octopus Go which gives a good day rate and four hours overnight at 5p per kWh. That means you can charge your car for just over 1p per mile of travel.

I had an e-Golf for 12 months and currently a Tesla Model 3. Sounds like you have made a wise choice for your journeys. I echo the sentiment of others - just put climate control on and at a comfortable level and enjoy the car.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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