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So I picked up my new LEAF this morning, and the charge point was also installed today. It's a white LEAF Accenta with the light tone interior. Very happy with that combination: it looks very airy and sophisticated.

Very happy with the car in general, I should say. The drive is a delight, and so relaxing compared to an ICE!

But... Not everything is perfect. First, there were all kinds of smudges on the interior fabric. As if a chimney sweeper had been in there. Fortunately, it could easily be cleaned. Still, one wonders how they can even think to deliver a new car like that...

Second, the windscreen fluid is sprayed against the black plastic panel, instead of the windscreen. I'll have to take the car back in to get that fixed. Another strange fault. Has anyone else experienced this?

Third, the Carwings registration site seems to be offline.

In all, I'm really happy to be electrified!
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