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Hello Robin and welcome :)

It was great to meet again last weekend at the test drive and I must say a super surprise. Having met you one before at BEVoB it was indeed a nice to see a familiar face.

Wouldn't it have been good for us all to be there together.

Although we already have a Nissan Leaf I do still very much agree with you that right now I think that extended range EVs is the way to go particularly while the charging infrastructure builds and while people learn more about EVs, how they operate and how to live with them.

I am very excited about the Ampera. 40 miles in EV mode will cover most of our daily trips and then able to still do the longer trips without worrying about needing to charge on the way will be a great weight off people's minds.

Mind you, with the speed that charging infrastructure is going in it might not be as long as we first thought before making long trips in a 100% battery EV is easy and routine. Exciting times!

Thank you for being our first member and I hope you enjoy your time here :D
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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