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Been lurking a while but now swapping my bmw 225xe for a Kia soul so decided to come out of the shadows.

The 225 has been a good introduction to EV life. I think that it was designed to give better performance as much as better economy or low emissions, but driven carefully we have been able to achieve 50% of our mileage in pure electric including most town driving and no range anxiety on the occasional long journey. Would recommend to anyone wanting to try an EV without much risk. Which also found PHEVs to be very reliable despite, and maybe because, having 2 power trains.

Time to change and decided to go full BEV. Wanted a real range of at least 200 miles in most conditions, with a good spec and without paying any more than £40K (less if possible). Have a Kia dealer nearby so looked a e-Niro 4+ and Soul. Both had decent reviews and drove okay and would meet our requirements. Was leaning towards the Niro thinking it would have better residuals and front parking sensors (no idea why Kia left them off the Soul) but then Kia dropped the price of the Soul and it qualified for the gov. grant, making it a lot cheaper than the Niro, so decision made.

Many other potential cars ruled out because, for controls, we want buttons and knobs, not touch screens. Cannot understand why the elf and safety folks haven’t band them, far more distracting than a mobile phone. Would need to change to my reading glasses, just want a big clear speedo.
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