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Hi Guys!

My names Will, just thought I'd introduce myself!

I currently work with MINI in Newport South Wales, and I've just had some exiting news from MINI about the New Fully Electric MINI!

Working with Nissan in the past, being part of the team working with the Leaf 2.0 launch, this new MINI will be groundbreaking!

The best bit about new car is its pricing. It's priced in line with the rest of the MINI range, in fact, specing up a comparable Petrol model, the new MINI Electric is actually around £500 less!

Its coming ready for March 2020, but we can take pre-orders for the car now!

The PCP offers on the car are starting to be generated too so for any more info drop me a message at

[email protected]

I've put a pic below of the new car too, what do you think?

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I quite like the look of the Mini but I think if I were looking for a small EV (which I won't be for some time as my car is less than six months old) I'd prefer the Honda e. My first car was a Mini Clubman Estate (many decades ago); it was white with plastic woody bits down the side. I loved that car (even when it filled up with water in heavy rain or generally behaved like, well, a Mini); it was tiny but incredibly practical. If there's an electric Clubman when I'm next in the market for a car, I reckon I'd be tempted.
I think there’s a real need for small, relatively inexpensive EVs. The range of this will be more than enough as an urban/suburban runaround and there’s no point shelling out for a massive battery pack if it’s almost always being lugged around unnecessarily.

The familiarity of it - its Mini-ness - might also make it a great option for Zipcar and similar.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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