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According to the below article, a Juke-sized BEV is about to be launched by Nissan.
This will be positioned below the Ariya.

Nice exclusive renderings in there.


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“Autoexpress” said:
Our exclusive images show how the new supermini SUV could look. The Ariya’s distinctive face, blanked-off grille and slim daytime running lights are expected to feature, as well as smaller versions of that car’s aerodynamic wheels. Expect range-topping Juke EVs to sport a two-tone paint finish with a contrasting roof.
For ‘Our exclusive Images’ read ‘images we’ve made up’.

Whilst personally I’ve always been surprised at the success of the Juke, there’s no doubt in my mind that an EV version would sell well, and the artists impressions that are shown do show quite an attractive car that is very to euro tastes.
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