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The OLEV scheme only allows 1 install per house under the current, and revised scheme. If you want a 2nd charger you will have to procure and pay for the install yourself, as I did.

You can just change the tethered lead; for instance from a Type 2 to a Type 1.

If you disconnect the OLEV subsidised charger before the end of the 3 year agreement you signed you are in breach of contract. Now what actually happens in breach of contract is not clear.

Our Rolec charger is separate to the data logger / transmit unit; which is actually a smart meter. We could very easily swap out the Rolec for a different unit and still the data unit would work within contract.

I have had my installer come to me saying OLEV were reporting my charger was offline. It was not; the network and data lights were flashing away and I had to provide a picture to prove it. So the conjecture could be; Are OLEV confident enough that a charger has been removed or is just not reporting status sufficiently enough to start litigation? That there folks is a debate worthy of a GCSE law submission :D
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