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Weirdly it prompted me to download the update while I was sat at traffic lights.

Installed it (no longer at traffic lights) at the weekend.

Changes I’ve noticed:
  • WiFi is enabled (and it tells me the network it’s connected to when I start the car)
  • Radar beeps are higher pitched
  • The “CarPlay” button now reads “Apple CarPlay”, presumably for trademark reasons
  • The alarm has gone off twice for no reason—it had never gone off in the previous 15 months I’ve had the car. (Once on Tuesday night when it was plugged in waiting to charge, once this afternoon while unplugged.) I used Nissan’s contact form to ask if it was a known issue, but they replied saying that I’d need to take it to a dealer and pay them to tell me they don’t know what’s wrong with it. (Paraphrased, obviously.) I’m curious is anyone else has seen this problem.
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