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New wheels and other mods

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So I tried a set of spare 20x8 wheels from my 300c on the Ampera at the weekend......

They share the same bolt pattern 115/5 but have a wildly different offset of 24mm compared to the Ampera's 38mm. Bottom line was they stuck out way too far and past the bodywork........ Instant MOT fail!!! Will post up a couple of pics though once I put them on photobucket.......Would also need 35 profile tyres which would be crippling!!!

So I think my choice is going to be 18x8s which I have found a few from Fondmetal with the correct 38mm offset.

Also on plan is having my lithium white roof painted gloss black along with the front and rear grey bumper plastics being done in gloss black..........

Now off to choose some wheels!!

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WOW! I really like the idea of this sort of stuff but I wouldn't do it myself now. I think I would have done it when I was younger. When I was 18 I modded a Mini 850... I put in a 1275 engine, painted it bright orange, added alu wheel arches (home made) and spacers on the hubs. Looked great! Went like the stuff off a shovel but I couldn't uprate the brakes so stopping was a problem. Didn't tell the insurance either.

Oh those were the days :)
Damienedwards said:
Also on plan is having my lithium white roof painted gloss black along with the front and rear grey bumper plastics being done in gloss black..........
Would you go for a full paint job or just vinyl wrap?
I'm 35 Paul and still pretending I'm young!! I don't think I've ever owned a private car and left it standard!! All from the days when I was 18 and bought a Sierra Cosworth..... Yes those were the days!!

Parax, I'm unsure yet...... Getting quotes this weekend for both......
I have seen a place that does wraps and after seeing the job they carried out on a BMW Z4 I had thought of having just the roof panel done too, same style as the original Volts. I don't know the cost yet, my only apprehension is that with another set of photographs they have one showing the roof lining dropped in order to remove the aerial to get a good finish. At least if you get a vinyl wrap it can be removed prior to selling on with no damage at all.
That's a really good point......Didn't think about the aerial....... I also have no idea how the roof channel covers come off..... Not sure if they slide off with tailgate open or just pull off........ Had a quick look and they seem to be mounted vary well!!
I know this is not quite the same thing but a year ago I had my lithium White Ampera clear film wrapped at all the vulnerable points - front of bonnet, front bumber, lights, wing mirrors, boot lip etc. I did this as I do a lot of motorway mileage at reasonably high speeds and all my previous cars ended up peppered with stone chips. A year on and although the film has numerous nicks the paintwork is still sound. Before having this carried out I did a lot of research to find a competent expert and in particular one that used computer patterns to cut the film off the vehicle. The specialist I used is based in Bromley in Kent and I can thoroughly recommend him. If anyone would like his details please let me know.

Hi Clive
Like your experience my last car was peppered with with stonechips after 240k miles of mostly motorway driving. I looked at having Paintshield/Defendall film applied to the Ampera. The nearest company that responded was in Peterborough, even although I asked for my nearest installer (I live in Crieff). Another company offered to supply the kit but then if it is not professionally fitted by an approved installer then the warranty is void. The Defendall installer in Perth responded that they did not do that service. I have seen cheap protective film on ebay but I would be worried that it might cause the paint to discolour.

So after loads of searching......... Wolfrace pro lite and eco lites seem to be the way forward at just over 9kg for an 18x8 with a 40mm offset....... Off to Wheelmania in Coventry tomorrow to check them out....... :)
OK so skipped the pro lites as they just did not look right on the car..............so here is the final result on 8x19s!!!

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Love them!

How much did they cost all in including tyres? Thinking about them myself!!!
Looks good. Profile must have been reduced quite a bit, how's the ride with the lower profile tyres?
Ok so some info........they are the Decorrus wheel by Calibre wheels......they are actually a 114.3 PCD and although people do just mount these to 115 PCD as in the Ampera i used the so called Wobbly bolts.........terrible name with my engineering background!!! I find them perfectly acceptable however as they are only takung up in this case .35mm of stud/nut to alloy offset........got them from Wheelmania in Birmingham who also stock the most important thing.....70.3mm hub spigot rings........in the end i went for a 45mm offset 7mm away from the standard 38mm.......would have preffered the 40mm offset versions but think they would scrub the inner arch with a full load of passengers......to my utter suprise and being dubious from previous cars and messing with offsets the car drives perfectly.......even with the 245 width tyres!!!! A little stiffer but no tramlining or twitchy steering........really chuffed.

The only thing i may change in the near future is to a slightly narrower 235/40 r19 just because of the theoretical lower rolling resistence and the closer overall diameter to standard............the price of the alloys......and tyres..........£865!!!!! Including fitting balancing.....new chrome nuts and even removing the old tpms sensors and fitting to the new wheels..........i was extatic!!!!

Will report back over the next week how it effects the charge range.

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One concerning thing was the old Michellins that were taken off........two of the four had "egg" bulges on the inside walls!!! They tyre fitter also said that they had the thinnest sidewall of any tyre he had ever fitted!!
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