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So the car should come with the affectionately-named 'granny charger', which is designed for charging from a 13A socket when you visit your granny. So using that should be absolutely fine; you've already checked the charging speed on that and you know what you're going to get.

The car will draw only a maximum of 10A this way, so you'll have 22A left to play with. That's 5kW (240v x 22a = 5280w), so you'll perhaps need to be mindful before using other heavy electrical items (Hairdryer, fan heater, electric oven) at the same time as charging.
Some granny chargers can be set to limit their draw to 8A or 6A for precisely this reason, with a corresponding drop in charging speed.

Do check the socket you're using for any evidence of arcing or overheating - if it shows signs of this, cease use and arrange to have it replaced.
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