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We used to have a caravan and all the sites we stopped at had a blue 16A connector at each pitch for power fitted to a box with a meter. We had a lead that just connected the caravan to this socket and the caravan was wired inside with a fusebox and a few normal 13A sockets. Most sites had a meter in the box with the connector and a circuit breaker and we have found that those breakers can be a bit troublesome at some sites. I have not seen a site with a 32A connector but it is some years since we owned a caravan so may be things have been upgraded.
Well OP has mentioned its a static caravan which have more permanent connections than a pitch would, certainly rare to see one that 'plugs in'.
We had a static caravan for holidaying when I was a kid, ancient thing so can't imagine the wiring was particularly great and it was on a large site with ours being almost the furthest you could. be from the entrance to the site (where I'm guessing the supply would've been vaguely close to). In the colder months ample use of fan heaters were a must, at 3kW each we could easily be drawing 6kW for a few hours at a time, we never had any issues.
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