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I live in Vermont where capacity goes down in the winter so range is a big issue for me. Can't really afford a new car and don't want to lease because my kids and dogs will trash destroy the interior.

Vermont? brrrr...

Very early production LEAF did not have the battery warmer. This small heater prevents the battery from freezing in very cold weather. As I recall it comes on when the batter temperature drops below 15F. Not exactly sure when they made the change but US model year 2012 cars have it.

If possible, keep your LEAF inside in the winter. With all versions it is possible to pre heat the car on AC power before you unplugged.

Unlike the UK, I think all versions have heated seats. Seat heaters use a lot less power then the cabin heater. (UK only gets seat heaters on upper trim levels)

We take our dogs in our Leaf all the time. I've got the factory dog guard for one and the other rides in the back seat. I have a seat cover for the back seat to keep it clean.

How far do you need to drive and how much heat do you want?
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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