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Maybe you can explain a little bit more about your range requirements. E.g. my daily commute is around 105 km. The practical range I'm getting out of the LEAF is 160+ km (100 miles). Maybe in the coldest weeks that will be 20% less: 128 km. Even if the battery degrades by 10% (112 km in the winter) I'm still good to make the round trip towards the end of my lease. This constitutes around 90% of my driving needs, so going electric was no problem for me. But bear in mind I live in Holland where winters are usually moderate and the cold never lasts very long. The likelihood of a prolonged cold period coinciding with more than 10% battery degradation is not very big.

The other thing to consider is your charging options. Can you charge at home? Can you charge at work? Are there many public charging points near your regular routes?

Finally, it's worth arranging something for the longer trips. Maybe there's a car sharing program near you, or you can make a car swap deal with friends or family for when you need to go far and the electric range isn't practical.

For my needs it had to be a 2013+ Accenta or Tekna because of the more efficient heat pump. I've had it for a week now, and I absolutely love the electric drive.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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